Softbank Vision Fund: What the Hell?

That was literally my first question when I sat down at the Upfront Summit a few weeks ago to interview Colin Fan and Lydia Jett from Softbank’s Vision Fund. Along with — how does a team think about deploying $100B of capital? What post-investment value comes alongside the capital? And have they ever lost a deal?

Colin and Lydia answered all this (mostly) and more, giving the audience insight into Softbank and Masa Son’s 30-to-300 year vision for their portfolio companies — companies they expect to be historically transformational. You will also hear their perspective on why “they don’t have enough money to invest,” why they hope to catalyze other investors into larger, longer-term investments, and how Masa is here to “suspend the real world.”

I truly enjoyed this discussion and encourage you all to watch the full interview, below. Thanks to Colin Fan and Lydia Jett for their participation.

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