Why so many developers hate recruiters
Quincy Larson

If you think the InMail spam is bad, you haven’t been spammed until you’ve put a resume on CareerBuilder.

You’ll get hit by India-based boiler rooms where two recruiters from the same company will email you about a 3-month contract requiring 7 years experience in 5-year-old tech and an unpaid temporary relocation to the other side of the country… for $30 an hour.

You’ll get hit up about whether you’d like to sell insurance, financial services, or do door-to-door sales for Comcast.

You’ll get put on mailing lists of people who might be interested in owning a franchise.

You’ll get emails from foreign “companies” about work-from-home opportunities that are scams to steal from you, recruit you as an unwitting accessory in stealing from others, or both.

LinkedIn is a paradise in comparison.

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