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  • Holy cow. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this article is a troll of all its readers. If not, I would quickly take it down and read the book written about Elon. The density of this valley girl ‘opinion’ on arguibly the most important company for all of humanity is embarassing for you to even publish. He is not building SpaceX or Tesla to ‘make money’. He had already sold two companies and had over a hundred million dollars. He is building the company to make us a two planet species and needs to do publicity stunts like this because the mindless masses are too busy judging him with their embarrassing knowledge of space (you) to get behind space exploration. Your morning Latte and Jetta and likely worthless blog are far more worthy pursuits. My God educate yourself on life, evolution, space and capitalism. He has to sell things to fund the company. That is how the world works… level 9000 garbage directed towards one of the few brilliant entrepreneurs of our time. Take it down!