I believe we can change the narrative more effectively when in government.

I completely disagree that between 1997–2010 we were a Party without an identity.

I didn’t say that. New Labour was a very clear identity for the party.

Even John Mcdonnell has called for the end of free movement of people. Dammit even he isn’t pure enough.

‘Pure enough’ for what? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I disagree with McDonnell on this.

I think the lack of restrictions on EU migrants post 2004 accession — did destabilised pockets of the country — look at Boston for example. I feel like this has more to do with integration than just immigration but I still I think it can controlled more effectively. I don’t know a huge amount on this and I would to study it more!

We need research on this. You can’t just make assumptions and guesses. Read up on it otherwise you’re ill equipped to make judgements.

I think they idea that Labour lost the 2015 election because we were ‘Tory-lite’ is one of the greatest myths of our age.

That isn’t what I was saying. Was talking about how we didn’t challenge the Tories on their narrative about Labour causing the global financial crisis from too much borrowing.

A Labour Party out of government won’t massively change the discourse around racism and immigration as much as we would like it to.
I believe we can change the narrative more effectively when in government.

Yes this is the best place to make real difference. Obviously we can make differences outside of government as well, but these can’t compare to what we can achieve when in power. We are a party of government after all.

But how far are you willing to go to achieve this? Working with the EDL? Joining in with the attacks on the people we claim to support as benefit scroungers? Prioritising the voices of socially conservative white, middle-class men? Should we play it safe and not challenge these issues whilst out of power?

I have zero tolerance for racism, xenophobia and discrimination — I’m not pro-equality, I’m *anti* racist. I’m not sure in what sense you were using the word liberal above or what that word defines for you. I want to fight against injustice at all times. That’s why I’m in the Labour Party. That’s what we fight against.

Deeply concerning that fellow party members are willing to put these principles ‘on hold’ in order to win votes. The ideology of consequentialism is currently Labour’s biggest curse.

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