#SMLideas: Time Travel VR

Traveling to 2017 in 2050.

In every utopian and idealistic future, we have been promised time travel. Theoretically, time travel is definitely possible and feasible but practically we maybe a few years or decades away. I am not as well informed.

Though with the dawn of VR, we may a different method of time-traveling in 2050. Imagine if the a wedding happening in 2017, we recorded in VR-compatible format. Some possible future VR technology will be able to make that a ‘moment’ in history; that we can go to to RE-LIVE. It would be similar to how today we watch videos of our parents marriage for a few laughs. Not too long ago, we skimmed through black & white photographs of our grandparents.

I believe it could be an interesting way to documenting history similar to how cryogenically freezing your body for a future technology to be fixed and re-born.

#SMLideas: The intention of #SMLIdeas is just post small, medium or large ideas that are interesting (to me at least). You can look at a business opportunities, interesting ways to think of the future we cannot predict or just random thought. In a way, I look at it as just documenting how my ideas evolve over time.