16 Bold Predictions for Google in 2016

1. Google HeadsUp

Wireless connected headphones with Voice Search, spoken notifications and suggestions, heart rate monitor, bone conduction, etc. Another model for audiophiles – sans bone conduction – will be made by Bose.

2. Pixel 360

VR and AR head-mounted display powered by Tango and Valve’s technology

3. Pixel Cam

Virtual Reality camera for content producers

4. Google Rides

Ride-hailing platform for third party services like Lyft, Uber and Alphabet’s autonomous cars eventually, that will direct users to relevant rides.

5. Google Traffic

Googlified version of Waze

6. Chrome Desktop

Android will get a Chrome-based desktop experience

7. Google Parties

Chat room app – Slack for consumers

8. Google Nearby

Proximity sharing app – hub for Nearby API

9. Google Contacts

Contacts will get Google Profiles with autocomplete feature, search, etc. Hundreds of millions of public profiles will be available at launch, thanks to the G+ project.

10. Google Calendar

Google Calendar will get Parties, a social events feature

11. YouTube Sports

Standalone app for sports lovers

12. YouTube Live

Live-streaming app – Periscope on steroid

13. YouTube Music

YouTube Music will get lyrics

14. YouTube Blue

Movies and TV Shows subscription service

15. Google Posts

New blogging platform

16. Google Now

Google Now will get an open API

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