“…you sure make a lot of statements with no evidence, or rely on random anons, to come to your…

I have no problem with people who think things are suspicious about seth rich’s murder. I am attacking people who make completely unsubstantiated claims, there is still 0 evidence of motive for him to leak, and plenty against, and no evidence that his job gave him that kind of access, or opportunity to leak undetected.

Do you think the “left” and all of the media is in on the coverup? Or maybe they think the whole thing is idiotic, and embarassing, and are using it to attack their political opponents? They could just leave it alone to be covered in the dungeons of gatewaypundit and infowars, but they’re calling attention to it by saying how stupid people are to believe it. (and they will certainly take any chance they can get to attack newt)

This isn’t complicated, if you make a claim as an important part of your theory, back it up with facts. You aren’t even helping your own investigation that way unless you’re only intent on proving what you’ve already decided on.

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