I’m not happy with an employee of the federal government and the actions he has been taking. Who do I complain to? I tried the people who hired him, who, by the way, seem to think I am partly to blame, or that this employee should represent me and my morals because he won a contest. Did they think I would be alright with throwing out our personal freedoms? I see freedom of speech and expression being attacked by this employee because he doesn’t seem to agree with the message. Isn’t that grounds for termination, or does he have to do something more egregious to get the boot?

Now, I understand there are those in the wings who would be able to step and and do this employee’s job, if he is deemed unfit. I know that the winds of oppression will still be blowing on women, minorities, LBGTQs, and immigrants, but the tempest of a raging storm will be calmed, unless these others also agree it is acceptable to suspend the free press, or to lash out at imagined enemies. They would still be able to provide the GOP with that much sought after satisfaction of sticking it to the intellectuals, they can still have their cost cutting, government reducing agenda. It is probably time for the states to become more autonomous, anyway. Then in two years perhaps the ground swell and grass roots that are being created by all of this can make a difference.

Of course, we hope it will be a better way of governing, with less influence from the lobbyists and corporations. Still, we haven’t used our secret weapon yet, which is our money and what we choose to spend it on. In the meantime though, I have a problem with this employee. I guess I will take it up with HUMANE resources.