The Calendar of Life

Now that my calendar of life has reach it’s autumn months it’s time to enjoy what the spring and summer quarters have brought me. One of the biggest joys are my grandchildren. With the boy, Sebastian, I get to watch a carbon copy of my son. Not just in his looks, but for his love of anything sporting or challenging. With the girl, Saige, I see someone at five who is and will always be fearless, (no pun intended on our name). She knows exactly what she wants to do, whether it’s running to the biggest roller coaster ride’s line, determined to get on, or just keeping up with big brother.

There is a bond between them, a protective quality. But there is also a competition among them, as well, which can result in some heated moments. Oh, those childhood memories they will have.

The summer months brought me my sons. Each a blessing and uniquely a teacher and student of life for me. The summer was also used for developing my philosophy, throwing away this idea here, and embracing that idea there.

Springtime was for stupidity and lesson learning, but it was also the time for embracing life, figuring out there is good and evil, but not knowing why; hopefully that will come by my winter months on this calendar of life, and starting to become awakened to the Truth.

So, what’s winter going to bring? One thing for sure is that there will be plenty of logs of memories to throw on the fire to ward off the cold. The other wonderful thing is it is the time when we become the most real.

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