The Importance of Present Moment Awareness

Creativity! Joy! Peace! Connection to our Source! These experiences can only happen in the present moment. The now, so to speak. Once you learn to recognize the space where these all happen, that space becomes as real as the desk this computer is sitting on.

Creativity! This is where Rembrandt painted, Edison invented, and Dickens wrote. This is where we use the gifts we have to create a contribution to the whole. This is where passion takes over, and you actually use the core of your being to accomplish what many think your ‘great mind’ is doing. In this space it’s impossible to be thinking either about the past or the future, which is pretty much what our minds are focused on anymore.

Joy! Not to be confused with happiness. Happiness is something we think we need to find, we think of it as a destination instead of what it really is, the journey. Happiness will pop up as thoughts, such as those were happy times, or someday I will be happy. However, Joy can’t be thought about, it can only be felt, and only at your deepest level; and only while in the present moment.

Peace! Once you are able to experience the Joy it will naturally lead you to peace. This is the kind of peace that comes from accepting what is, and is the hardest thing the mind can acknowledge because the mind can only deal in facts, figures, and forms. From the moment you’re born you are being filled with your ‘story’. That’s the minds playground and many times it loves to have you spend your day thinking about your story. What has happened and what is going to happen are the minds best tools for keeping in control. Peace can calm the mind, it can allow the mind to just be and to be used for the practical purposes it was designed for, i.e. starting fires, fleeing woolly mammoths, cognizant reasoning, and even philosophizing. These are examples when the mind is being used for present moment situations. Peace is the overwhelming presence you have while ‘being’ in the present moment, and once you get a taste of it, it becomes your lodestar.

And where will it guide you? Connection to our Source! Whatever name it is called doesn’t matter, because if you are truly using the present moment connection you will realize no name could explain or contain it. The mind once again is foiled. Everything it can try to label falls short, and then it panics, joins up with other like minds, and you have the recipe for group egoic behavior that Ekhart Tolle talks about. I can’t even put a name to the connection or to Source, except maybe just recognizing it as the space which surrounds everything. I do know it is only found in present moment awareness.