3 Social Marketing Questions All CEOs and Founders Should Be Asking — Part 3 of 3

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Mention social media around the executive team and you’re liable to get one of several common reactions: disdain, distrust, disrespect or the worst — ambivalence.

Depending on the demographic, a lot of these reponses can be traced back to the early days of trying to utilize social media for business. It was novel, complicated, mistakes were made, and it wasn’t easily quantifiable.

All of that has changed!

To get you started, here are three really important, timely and poignant questions to be asking right now, like, as soon as you finish reading.

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3. How are we preparing to include Live Video in our toolbox?

Or, go find your youngest employee and tell them to explain what live video is.

Live video is quickly becoming the next frontier of authentic brand engagement, in which the ability to reach a global audience with relatively ubiquitous resources (i.e. a smartphone) is giving rise to a new digital medium while also impacting the consumer mindset. All of this is meant to say: i’m giving you a heads up now. Start learning, or you’ll miss an opportunity.

My friend Ryan Bell is widely considered as one of the primo thought leaders, influencing the growth and development of live streaming. I asked Ryan what he suggests that you ask your marketing team, and he said:

“Be smart. Know where your audience is and how they communicate on that platform. It’s easy to just go live… DON’T DO THAT! Come up with something compelling that will engage your community and strengthen your brand. Always think, “would I share this?” YOU HAVE TO HAVE A STRONG, CLEAR STRATEGY or you’ll lose credibility in a flash.

Examples of effective uses for brands so far have included sneak-peaks into exclusive events, announcements of products and special offers, celebrate takeovers, Live Q&As and also behind-the-scene looks into a brand’s culture.

Like everything, it’s important to commit to using live streaming only when it makes sense and feels organic. Don’t do it just to do it. Do it strategically and intelligently or you risk it blowing up in your face. But done well, you’ll create a whole new level of excitement and energy in your audience providing lift that Don Draper could only fantasize about.

Find out more about Ryan

Let’s wrap this up!

  1. How do we define success for our social media program.
  2. How can we enable authentic social amplification by providing tools and guidelines for our employees?
  3. How are we preparing to include Live Video to create engaging live, real moments between our brand and our fans.

Answering these questions will have major positive repercussions.

  • you’ll look like a total rockstar. You’re welcome.
  • You’ll get a better understanding of how effective your social media efforts are, and where you need to do some adjustments to create the clear and measurable results.
  • Your employees will help you amplify your brand for immediate, low-hanging-fruit uptick.
  • you’ll get ahead of your competition by injecting live video into your arsenal early, when it’s hot and you have the opportunity to differentiate.

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