#5 — Play-Doh

Play-Doh started out as Kutol, a post-depression 1930’s wall cleaner company. This cleaner specialized in removing the dark residue left on walls by coal heaters. By the late-1940s, they were losing market share and sales declined by nearly 90% due to new oil and gas heaters hitting…

Each of these movies is a masterclass in starting and scaling a business that touches on resourcefulness, invention, relationships, and more. Plus, the inspiration that comes from them is priceless.

Being an entrepreneur is very very hard. One reason for this is it is simply a very unpredictable endeavor to…

Greg Fleishman

Better-for-You CPG Founder | Operator | Board Director | VC/Angel/LP Investor in brands that help make the world healthier.⚡️🌎🚀

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