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So I am a Software Engineer and over the years I have learned one thing and that is if you try and change an established system and try and make it work a new one with only some of what the old system you end up with a mess. This is what is happening with the repeal of Obamacare. In this case it seems that the Republicans want to keep one major provision of Obamacare and that is covering preexisting conditions. Well from what I have read in this article and others they do not have a clear cut way to balance to cost of this provision with the inflow of premium money. This is the precise reason for the mandate and the subsidies for premiums. A balance needs to be made for the money coming in and the money going out and the profit in between. Republicans have not found that way. I would propose keeping Obamacare and tweaking it so that companies can offer what ever plans they want without restrictions to foster competition. I am also sure there are other things that can be done to make it better. At least it provides a foundation to make changes and not have to go through a rough patch to change it to be the same in another form. I do have to say that I identify myself as a Republican but I cannot bring myself to support them because I believe that they hated Obama so much that it affects there judgement to much. Just look that Obamacare, it was essentially a Republican idea and now they hate it so much that they are willing to destroy Healthcare in this Country. They are also willing to take on deficits to get rid of it when in the past 8 years that is all they could talk about. They are irresponsible babies who need to be put in timeout.

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