After Universal Basic Income, The Flood
Simon Sarris

“Basic Jobs” is one thing FDR did *right* while also illegally attempting to nationalize our major industries with the National Recovery Act.

The Works Projects Administration (WPA) built or helped build everything from small irrigation culverts under little rural roads to the Hoover Dam. Large numbers of people out of work from the 1920’s depression got money in exchange for working to build infrastructure this nation needed. They also learned skills that helped them later in life when the economy was better, and when they had to fill jobs vacated by younger men who volunteered or were drafted into the military during WW2.

A UBI program would have to require the recipients *do something* in return. People physically unable to do manual labor could learn sit down technology skills. So many jobs today involve someone at some point doing something with a computer.

The only people getting UBI for nothing would be the ones completely unable to do anything. Yes, there would be scammers pretending to be mentally disabled, just like there are currently. Some people will put forth more effort to avoid working than what doing the job would actually require.

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