Product Design & The Asshole Contingency
Linnéa Strid

I like this article. People can be real jerks at times. Some are giant jerks nearly all the time.

Then there are the software people who are big jerks about problems with the software they write, when many thousands of users complain about something that’s horrendously broken, or some feature or function that they loved, which the programmer has removed for reasons they refuse to divulge. Plead and beg all you want, in your myriad thousands, you’re not getting it back — thus the once brilliant program is now a huge turd. Flush it and try to find another program to replace it.

What is one feature which would be a massive improvement to web browsers? A “hold line” smack across the middle of the browser window. Take whatever content is in the middle of the screen and *hold it there*. While the page is loading, push content up AND down off screen while keeping what’s in the center of the window glued in place, to be moved only by the input of the user operating a scroll device, page up/down or clicking and dragging the scrollbar thumb. Make a browser addon which does that and the usability would leap upwards 100% with a fancy spin and flip.

Browser utility fix #2. Where the typing cursor is, is the number one most important spot on the screen. NOTHING should be allowed to relocate the typing cursor from where the user has placed it. Find a way to fix web browsers so that whatever form field or address bar etc the blinking cursor is in, no force of software is allowed to move it away, not even just for a fraction of a second then put it back. Yahoo Mail’s website is constantly *doing something* with the cursor which causes missing characters while I’m typing.

I don’t know *what* monkeyshines it is doing with the cursor, but the coders who work at Yahoo Mail are a bunch of assholes who refuse to fix any of their problems and have spent the past 18 years only making things worse and worse. It’s as if they held a meeting to figure out all the things which make a good and proper web client for e-mail — then said “Let’s do the exact opposite of all these items.”.

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