Too hot, too cold. Why attempts to get more women into science go wrong
World Economic Forum

There are some things that will never reach anywhere close to gender parity because males or females are for the most part simply Not Interested. Not because of how they’re raised or because people of the other gender in the field are resistant, the occupation simply doesn’t appeal to what they want in a career.

I’d like to see some more women in motorsports. There are some “good old boys” driving and in the pits who don’t like that idea but they’re a shrinking minority. There are some women wealthy enough they could put the money into some all female NASCAR teams, enough to be competitive. The biggest problem with doing so is finding enough women who *want* to drive at 200 miles per hour or who want to lug around heavy jacks and tires and fuel cans and get dirty turning wrenches and hammering sheet metal. Outside of drag racing there just aren’t very many. There are several girls and women who compete at all levels of NHRA drag racing, and nearly all of them cite Shirley Muldowney as their inspiration. The NHRA also has been working to get girls started in the Junior classes.

Perhaps getting girls to *want* to get into science and mechanics could take some inspiration from the success the NHRA has had?

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