I’m boycotting Zenimax and you should too.
Morgan Jaffit

These companies need to learn from the sole reason why the IBM PC became THE computer platform that to this day its descendants are still #1 in the world.

Open hardware.

Not that IBM *intended* for the Model 5150 PC to become an open platform, they set themselves up for it by building it on the cheap from all off the shelf components. Once Compaq had clean room reverse engineered the BIOS firmware, IBM lost control of their platform (compounded by not holding Microsft to an exclusive deal on MS-DOS). Any company with the wherewithal to put together a PCB to hold all the right parts in the right way could make a PC clone, and most of them tried to make a go of it.

It was the best thing that could have happened. ALL other closed computer systems either went away completely or shrank to specialty niche markets. Even the super high end workstation companies like Sun and Silicon Graphics eventually had to bend their knee to the PC system. Only Apple managed to stay as the one and only big not-IBM platform — and even it adopted all the latest innovations from the PC — at the end even embracing the PC’s CPUs. Since OS X 10.4 a Mac has been just an expensive PC running a different operating system.

Had IBM successfully sued Compaq into oblivion, the IBM PC platform would likely have joined the ranks of Commodore, Atari, Texas Instruments and the rest of the large number of 1980’s micro computers.

TL;DR Share your toys, dammit! Or you’ll *both* become also-rans.

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