My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

Well worth the read.

What the “liberals” keep lying about to keep the racism pot stirred up is that their party, the Democrats, are the people who trace their political lineage back to the Federalists. The Federalists were the group who favored a powerful and controlling central government. Some years later, the Democrats were the politicians who wholeheartedly supported slavery, voted to break the country in two — and after they were defeated in that goal stood fast against the Civil Rights Acts. Yes, Acts, plural. There have been more than one.

But they lie and lie and claim it was *conservatives* who were against blacks being able to vote and have equal rights and were (and are) racists who support discrimination and segregation.

It’s manifestly not true. The historical records of who wrote, sponsored and voted for the laws are available for anyone to see — if they care to seek the facts.

The big lies have become so effective, with support from the news media, that I have had black people tell me that all those old documents that disprove the lies are fake. That Republicans are racist and have always been, even before President Lincoln. Nevermind that the Republican Party didn’t exist until March 20th, 1854.

The numbers on who has killed whom, and what color their skins are, and how many etc are important — because they disprove yet more lies from Democrats and their news media lapdogs.

Instead of protesting over dead black criminals, why not be angry about how many young black men are throwing their lives away by getting into gangs, doing drugs, getting girls pregnant then taking a runner? Be strong fathers and mothers, like the woman who literally knocked some sense into her son and took him away from a protest where he was headed for trouble.

Parents have to be *parents*. Part of parenting is instilling in your children that committing crimes is wrong. Hurting other people, except in defense of self and others, is wrong. (Doing a drive by with your ‘homies’ because someone dissed your buddies girl is NOT defending yourself or others.) If it takes a good smack upside the head on a video that gets national coverage to stop your kid from getting in with criminals, do that. If your children make it to adulthood without anything worse on their record than a speeding ticket or two, you did parenting right.

Stay in school, don’t do drugs, don’t have sex before marriage, obey the law. It sounds trite and simple but millions of people of all colors do exactly that every year and never get in trouble — because they don’t go out looking for it while claiming that trouble is looking for them, simply because of their looks.

Yes, there are police officers who should not ever have been hired. Yes, there needs to be a reformation in law enforcement to identify and permanently bar those individuals nationwide from being police officers. But it’s not purely a police VS black people problem. It’s a problem of police protecting their ‘bad apples’ VS all of us problem.

It’s not at all difficult to find a large number of cases where people who aren’t black or hispanic have been abused and killed by police. Look up what the San Francisco PD did to Peretz Partensky after he called 911 for a bicycle accident. Look up Caroline Small, and how the two officers who murdered her got away with it despite dashcam video of the whole incident. Look up Jack Yantis, whom the police called to come dispatch a bull of his that a car had hit (after they’d tortured the poor animal by firing several bullets into it) then as he aimed his rifle, grabbed him just as he pulled his trigger — then fired 20 shots, hitting Jack 12 times. Conveniently for the officers, one of their cameras wasn’t recording due to its memory being full and the other wasn’t turned on.

But the theme of the hour is “Racist police killing blacks!” so the big television and newspaper media refuse to give those other cases any more than local coverage. Protests, if any, have been small and non-violent.

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