Introducing PaidEasy

And our brand new VIP program

I started building PaidEasy in early 2015 with a simple goal in mind.

To make paying when you’re out with friends as easy as possible.

And since inception, our focus has been on making that experience truly seamless — so you can effortlessly view, split, tip and pay your bills at your favorite bars & restaurants.

But my team and I quickly realized that this vision is impossible without buy-in and participation from leading venues — where people love to eat, drink & hang out. So we hit the streets & got to work. And the response has been amazing: 250+ merchants (including Gotham Bar & Grill, Novecento & even CitiField) in 3 cities in less than a year. With a sales team of just six scrappy twenty-somethings pictured above :)

Which brings us to today, and a VIP program that I’m thrilled to share with you.

With a solid base of venues onboard, we’re finally ready to bring the seamless experience we set out to create to the people we created it for. People who love going out, having fun & spending time with friends. 
People like me, our amazing PaidEasy team and (I hope) you.

This very early, very humble VIP program is about rewarding people who take a chance on a tiny startup executing against a massive vision with personal service, attention to detail & some free goodies :) Namely, for every 5th time you use PaidEasy at one of our partner venues, you’ll get a 6th night out on us. We will pay for your Uber to and from your destination and give you $200 in PaidEasy credit to be used at any of our featured locations. And, as mentioned, we’ll treat you like family. The PaidEasy way.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit our VIP site & give it a ride. We look forward to making it worth your while :)