Bargain Bins are Where it’s At

Greg Thomas
Jun 17 · 2 min read

Years ago on a trip out west, we found this used book store that had tons of old comic books, tattered and torn but still intact.

The writing was still there, the art was still there, the style of storytelling was there, the themes — everything, it was like I opened a time capsule and was going through it.

Fast forward to a few months ago and I’m in a local comic book store going through the $.50 and $1 bins and once again I’m blown away by the treasures that I’m finding that should be on the wall that is not — the artwork is incredible, some of yesterday’s most incredible artists and here their work is in the dollar bin. I’m talking Larsen, Silvestri, Portacio, Platt, Lee, Simonson, McFarlane, these artists who were at their prime output and delivery were cranking out so many issues and covers (some I didn’t even realize when I existed). And then you had incredible writers that they were partnered with — Claremont, Millar, Perez — and all for $40 I was able to buy something like 50 of their best works.

I walked out of the store looking at all the $5 regular issues that were still there thinking I wouldn’t trade this treasure trove for any of them.

None of these are worth $$$ and I own no comics that are slabbed and rated. I don’t care for it, I want to read them, I want to be inspired by them to be better, I want to learn from the masters, I want to analyze where my flaws are and get better and I won’t get that from looking at Slabs on a wall.

Comics are meant to be read and enjoyed and the bargain bins are the best place to find them. There are so many great stories out there that are not Marvel or DC and are not on the screen, they are there, in the Bargain Bins, ready to be told and enjoyed once again.

The hunt is on to find some of the other greats, in any condition and enjoy them.

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