Build With What You Have

Greg Thomas
Jun 12 · 2 min read

We often see what others are building and think we need their tools to succeed, their materials, their resources to be just as good as they are (hopefully better).

As a result, we get pulled into focusing on the tools, hoping that will make us better. It becomes our singular focus, the tools will make us better.

Nowhere is this more perfect than with golf — it’s widely known that golf is 80% your game and 20% your equipment, yet you see all these amateurs (not the ones on TV, I mean the weekend warriors) sporting the latest and greatest equipment, always upping their equipment game each year to get the most out of that 20%.

Where they should be focusing is the 80% because if you take any great golfer, they will make a set of old clubs sing across the fairway, they will take an iron and make it do things you never thought possible.

The tools didn’t do that, the player did.

You don’t need the $250 MasterClass, you need the $15 Udemy course. You don’t need the $2,500 software subscription, you need the $700 one OR the one you get later when you’ve proofed out what you know to do.

You have all the tools you need to get started in front of you, you have everything you know to get started.

What you don’t have, is the will to get started, and that you will not find in a Podcast or Instagram post of your favourite whatever doing what they are amazing at, simply because when they started, they had nothing and they worked with what they had and they made it work.

Build with what you have and don’t buy anything else until you’ve worked with what you have, really, truly worked, then upgrade your game.

Weekend Warriors need not apply.

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