But are you having fun?

It’s great that you’re working hard to improve that skill you’ve always been weak at?

But are you having fun?

Staying late, waking up early to make that a side hustle a reality?

But are you having fun?

Refactoring all that code that everyone says can’t be fixed?

But are you having fun?

Putting in time on the weekend to level-up your game and get better at your hidden passion that no one knows about?

But are you having fun?

It’s great to be doing all these things, to be pushing yourself to get better, to be taking on the work that you know in the longrun can take you where you want to go.

But the only question that matters at the end of the day is (and will always be) — Are you having fun?

Are you enjoying yourself?

Are you smiling when you are doing it?

Are you laughing when you mistake?

When you were younger you probably smiled everytime you tried anything new. Then you started to specialize, then you started to niche and focus.

Are you still smiling and laughing while you do it?

It’s not always going to be fun, but if you’re measuring the long game and not having fun — why are you doing it?