But No One Complained?

Greg Thomas
Jun 3 · 2 min read

That doesn’t mean you did a good job, it means no one cared enough to say anything.

Until of course, they did which is why we find ourselves here at this moment discussing how you got here when no one complained about what was going on and you kept going along like everything was fine until you hit that one moment where it wasn’t.

Which again, is why we are here.

Just because someone didn’t complain, does not mean you did a good job. It means the people you are delivering for, working with have become apathetic to your delivery. They’ve come to expect what you are delivering and have settled into the style of calibre of your delivery that it’s not worth it for them to complain.

Maybe they did in the past and it went nowhere?

Maybe they heard you didn’t take feedback too well and decided to take a pass?

Maybe you haven’t hit their internal threshold of where are going to get super concerned over what’s happening?

Whatever the reason, whatever the story you’re telling yourself, the worst you can do, the worst you can tell is that “no one ever complained” if you never took the time to ask or wanted to know the real answer.

Your growth is not determined by other’s complaints, you don’t need to wait for others to come and present it to you, it’s yours to go out and get, to ask for, to become better for it.

Because that’s what it’s always about, getting better.

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