Clean It Up

April is great for resetting our goals and objectives — you know the big, scary ones you set out to do in January but haven’t done a thing on yet.

The ones that are making you feel like a failure who hasn’t achieved anything and doesn't’ know where to start to achieve them.

We’re all in the same boat, spring is in the air, warm weather is on the horizon, the veil of winter garments are coming off and we don’t feel like such a heavy burden upon as we did before.



Now before you start adding a slew of new goals and deliverables, take a look at what you are working on, what you have in the queue, what was valuable before but maybe you’re on the fence about now and clean it up.

Trim off some of the extra fat and make it leaner.

Get rid of the frivolous and focus on the MVP.

Stop whining about not having time and make it happen.

Write down the step by step behaviors you need to do to get there and make it happen.

You don’t need a whole new set of goals and deliverables for the oncoming rush, you need to clean up the ones you already have and make them work.

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