Forget the End Result and Start

We’re too focused on what it needs to look like in the end.

What we need to be like.

How much we need to know.

And this isn’t the first time you’ve read about this right?

It can’t be?

There have to be over a million articles, podcasts, letters, quotes, tweets and everything in between telling you the same thing you read in this title — Forget what the End Result is and Start.

And yet here we are, reading another blog about what we need to do to get started.

I say “we” because I’m in the same boat, only worst I’m writing about it.

I had wanted to start writing down script ideas for years, but could never find the right “moment” for it — because it had to be “right” — for things to get done.

Not sure what “right” amounts to but I still wasn’t doing anything that came close to getting it done.

I looked around at a myriad of writing sites to get me engaged — they all offered community options, with feedback and publishing models and all these other bells and whistles that should have enticed me to get in gear and get going.

But they didn’t.

I kept scouring the Internets until I came across this site — — and its simplicity saved me.

Here’s the gist of it — you write 750 words a day.

Okay there’s a little more to it than that so here it is;

  1. They keep the output minimal. This is huge because if you dissect the creation of 750 words, it ends up being 20–30 minutes of writing.
  2. They stay away from making you think of it as a time investment. This is where many “get started” fails because we are automatically hard-wired to go — “I don’t have that kind of time today, I’m super busy” — when they look at the time they need to put in.
  3. They have metrics on everything you do. This might not appeal to you, but I love looking at metrics and stats, it’s fun, I enjoy it and I geek out over it.
  4. They gamified it to the point where there are a few simple badges and the odd challenge, but what you earn is up to you.
  5. The Interface is simple — there are no fonts, no images — it’s a text box and you can choose your layout and font — other than that — write what you will.
  6. I don’t need to interact with anyone — this is big for me because even though I can write blogs and articles like it’s going out of style — books, stories, continuity are the next big challenge for me and it’s not easy. Not having all these friends and followers in my face is a great way to getting things done, keeping me on an island isolated, alone and focused.

Going back to where we started, the end result doesn’t matter — I’m writing. Some days its gold, other days it’s a mess and I start the day with a message that says “I’m redoing yesterday because that was a mess” (fun fact, 750words locks the previous day so you can never sneak in and backfill and/or modify what you’ve done).

I don’t know what the result will be, but it’s how I’ve been able to start and through that simplicity have tried to focus that train of thought to other areas in my life and apply the same approach.

I don’t know where the end result is headed, but I’ve started and kept it simple, and that’s what I needed to do.