Leadership in the Gutters

In comic books there is this space between each panel of action — it’s called the Gutters.

It’s a space where you don’t realize it is there, what is happening or what is supposed to happen between panels. It’s a space where the reader fills in the “blank” space with the transition of what happens next. I.e., if in Panel 1 we saw our hero getting ready to tackle a huge project, in Panel 2 we might see our hero having made the project a success.

What we don’t see is the space in between, the work in between, the emotions and turmoil the hero goes through to make that project a success.

As it is in Leadership.

Leadership isn’t about showing you what is there and pronouncing yourself as “I am Leader”, letting the world see every little thing you do. It’s about working with your team and going from A to B, but without them knowing all the myriad of steps that you are taking in between.

But they know, they know because you worked through the gutters and went from Panel A to Panel B without a hiccup or a glitch.

They know because of all the behind the scenes work you did that no one sees to make the project a success without saying a word the whole time.

That’s Leadership, that’s Leadership in the Gutters.

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