Leadership Is Not A Cheese Pizza

I love pizza.

Whenever you need that go to comfort food it’s always there for you. It’s the perfect blend of ingredients cooked together into one glorious meal.

And it can be cooked a hundred different ways, so many different types of crusts and with a variety of ingredients you never thought possible and yet still come together.

Which is why I’m blown away when someone orders cheese pizza — and don’t start going in on 5 cheese pizza — it’s literally cheese pizza with more cheese to make it more of something that’s not.

Do you eat a 5 cheese sandwich?


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Leadership styles primarily because I always get asked — “What’s your Leadership Style? What program do you follow? Are you certified in anything?” — and this question always makes me take a step back.

Leadership style?

I have one, but it’s not condensed into a thirty second sound bite, it’s not a quick fix, it’s not easy — like Leadership in general.

Translation — It’s not a Cheese Pizza.

It’s evolving each time I work with a new group of people, each time I run into an issue with a customer, each time I listen to a podcast or read a new book — it tweaks and shifts and dips and dives.

It changes.

I try different flavours to see what works and what doesn’t — one style fits this group, the other styles fit another.

I switch it up — at some places I get the Perogie Pizza (so good), others it’s a Steak Pizza, Breakfast pizzas are always fine and when I need to fall back on the tried and true — combination — where the ingredients differ from place to place, but the core of it — a mixture of elements that can come together and work as one are always there.

In the end, don’t worry if your program, style, whatever doesn’t line up with what everyone else is doing and isn’t fully documented to the nth degree with quadrants and spatial maps.

If it takes you 30 minutes to explain what you do from beginning to end and the potential client in front of you is not thrilled with that.

Then they are more interested in getting a Cheese Pizza and you’re not that.