Never Do Anything on the Last Day

It will never get done.


You’ve got the vacation lined up, you’re a week away and you’re planning out what needs to get done before you go on that one, two, three week vacation where you aren’t going to be checking email, working on projects, dropping code for customers or whatever else it is you’re thinking of doing.

As you map out what’s left to do, you start assigning work on the last day before you go on vacation.

The Last Day.

Here is what’s going to happen during that week.

All week, you are going to be busy with people trying to get a piece of your time and slowly you’ll start pushing items to later and later in the week.

When you arrive into work on that last day, you will be completely overloaded and will end up being at work until late into the night trying to get everything done or worst getting nothing done and starting your vacation feeling like you completed nothing at all.

You will not get everything done.

It’s inevitable you’re going to have some things to do on your last day so plan for it. Front load that last week before you leave and plan for nothing on the last day.

The best case scenario, you’ll have nothing to do, the worst case, you’ll have a few things to tidy up on.

Either way, you’ll end your last day like a champ ready to go on vacation, not stressing that you didn’t get it all done.

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