Taking Back Control of your Career

We give up too much when it comes to our work, to our training, to our livelihood.

We get a job and go into autopilot, waiting for someone to tell us what our training program will be for that year, what we will work on, what we can deliver and what we are able to lead.

We read these descriptions in the form of objectives that are given to us on a single sheet of paper that lay out our year in one beautifully crafted fell swoop.

We let other people plan out our career, we let them decide where we are going, we let them take control.

Whoever said that was the plan when you signed on 6 months, a year, two years ago?

Whoever said that you were ceding all planning to this organization?

No one.

So why are you letting it happen?

It’s not the organization’s fault — they ask you for some ideas, you chip some in and then see what they come up with.

Your development, your acceleration, your learning paths are yours and yours alone to chart. If you want to work the 9–5 within an organization and think you can accomplish all of your goals through their path and that will satisfy you then you are on the right path. But if you don’t think going to that conference will give you the information you need to grow or leading those new projects will you develop your skills in that area why are you doing them?

Ask for a subscription to learn on your time, at your own pace, to any learning site of your choosing.

Instead of leading a project, jump onto one that requires a doer, someone that will contribute to the end deliverable, someone that will learn from a leader whom you know to be better than you but you can learn from and grow faster then you are today.

It’s your choice what you want to do and where you want to go and it’s no one’s responsibility but your own (that might be the first lesson).