The Problem with the Ad Store

I mean App Store.

No, I don’t it’s an Ad Store now.

And anything you to download is a monthly subscription.

And people have figured out a way to hack their way to the top (in some cases it’s their job)

There was a time when you could go to the store and see all these unique takes on how a game was developed and how you use it.

If you were to download the Top 20 games right now, you could boil it down to five concepts, engines, or Ads.

It’s that predictable, no one is trying to save the Princess anymore, we’re all trying to figure out how to keep paying for the sword and deal with the changing algorithms behind the scenes when we do “upgrade”.

So now we need a new store that harkens back to what it was five years ago when the apps were fresh, the ideas were new and the Princess wanted to be saved (for real, she really does want to be saved if someone will just come and get her).