When the Good is Too Good

Things are going pretty well.

You’re getting work done, delivering on your goals, making things happen and all-around working towards getting better at everything it is that you do.

And maybe your team is getting a little comfortable with their success as a result too?

Maybe after so many wins, they are starting to sit back and chill a bit or have lost some of their jump.

Or worse, much worse, maybe your team is starting to get on each other about what they need to do to get better because where they are isn’t good enough, they peaked too soon and need to push themselves more?

Whatever the reason is, you’re now thinking that the Good that you have, just isn’t Good enough — the path you’re on just isn’t Good enough because you’re already succeeding. It’s not enough of a challenge, of a kick to really raise up to the next level.

If you’re stagnating, this should be the thought process to take to kick things up a notch. But if you’re looking to implement change for any of the above reason?

Well, then you’re simply introducing change for the sake of change and nothing else.

And that is a dangerous change.

Change without a driver behind is it like a car (not an autonomous one) without a driver behind it. It’ll go for a bit, but eventually, it’ll go off the road or careen into something else. It can’t be helped, there is no driver.

And I see this, people wanting to shake things up when things are going well simply “because” with no reasons behind it, no drive, no direction, no path forward.

Just Because.

The two scariest words.

It is okay for things to be going Good (Well) and for them to keep going good and for you to implement change to make things better. But don’t do it simply because — “we need to change things up” or “we have to do something different” — do it because there is a reason behind it.

And if you’re the team is the one that is doing Good (Well) remind them that its because they are doing it as a team and not individuals.