You Don’t Need to be a Broadcaster to Succeed

Greg Thomas
Jun 25 · 2 min read

We show off a lot now.

More than we used to.

More than we need to.

We all do it, to our own degree, but more than we used too.

On a personal level, I’ve never had a big issue with it. I think it’s cool when someone broadcasts how great they think their kids are, talks about their accomplishments or showcases the latest meals they made on their amazing new bbq.

It’s great and fun to see how everyone lives life.

But on a professional level, it’s getting a bit out of hand. Everyday occurrences that were never broadcast before are now being broadcast every second day. I don’t want this to sound negative so I’m not going to go into examples, but we all know them, the oversharing of moments that were never shared before (because there was no need to) and yet here are talking about a meeting we just had as if it was the next best thing, but it was a regular meeting, a great meeting, but still an awesome meeting.

You don’t need to broadcast every piece of what you do to be a success, you need to do it and the success will come from there. If the broadcasting is where your success will come from then you need to re-examine what success and what goals you are trying to achieve to get there.

If tomorrow LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were down for a day would your business survive?

If no, that is where you need to start, re-thinking your business model and how you plan to succeed because one day it will change.

This isn’t about being archaic and not leveraging these platforms to grow, this is about realizing you are more than these platforms have to offer.

If you still need to broadcast everything you do be authentic, answer that one question you should be asking every… single… time you post — “Would I have done this before? Would I have been going around the office telling everyone about my great meeting before social media? Is it my connections and followers that are pushing my need to post about things I never posted about before or is because I’ve always done this?

(Granted that’s a long question, but it’s not meant to be easy).

Broadcasts, over time, lose their power and their energy if repeated over and over again — the impact decreases and dies down. Make it count, make it worthwhile, make it special and be you, not someone you think you need to be to get something else.

Want more? I run BetaRover Inc, muse on The Sniffing Markers Podcast and purge all my thoughts on — have a peek, read or listen.

Greg Thomas

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I take the complex problems- software development, leadership, team growth- and make it simple.

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