You Look Good on Camera

I recently went to Subway and was interested in trying their buffalo chicken sandwich. It was described as buffalo hot wings on a sub — fantastic — go look at a recent photo and it looks gorgeous.

What I got was definitely not that picture (I didn’t take one) — but it was essentially some chicken lightly dipped in hot sauce to make it look pink.

Cue the Disappointment.

Just last week we were looking at houses and decided to go see one. The place we picked looked great and it had a pool in the backyard. As expected everyone was jumping for joy and excitement about what could be.

I was not.

I know these photos, I’ve seen them all the time, and just like the Subway debacle, I knew what might be coming.

Cue the Disappointment.

Sure enough, when we arrived, what looked like it was a rectangular pool was slightly bigger than a square and what seemed to be a large patio was actually 15 feet from the house.

I don’t know how much effort goes into these photos to get people in, to get them to look closer, to have them invest their time in that decision to move forward.

All I know is that whatever it is, it’s not worth the end result of having your customers turn away in disappointment.

You might have got them in the door, but when they see the product first hand, they are turning right around and not coming back for whatever else you are offering next time.

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