I Lost 86 Pounds and Learned a Few Things
Chris Higgins

Chris, I very much enjoyed this article as it more or less mirrors my experience over the last year or so. After years of encouragement from my very fit son, I finally steeled myself to walk into a local CrossFit gym and basically hand myself over to them. Like you, I had joined gyms before, but without having any idea what to actually do there, it never worked for me. The personal trainer aspect was an option, but I just couldn’t bring myself to fork over the cash for regular, motivating and instructional sessions. I’m not here to sell the CrossFit brand. It’s not inexpensive at around $150 or so per month. I just found the one-hour class format, with 2–15 people showing up and a coach that’s there with us the entire hour very motivating. The fact that the gym is just over a mile from my home is something that, like you, I found extremely important. I was 53, 5'11", and around 310 lbs. Walking up a flight of stairs would leave me winded. Like you, I didn’t want to die from obesity. I don’t eat a whole lot better than I did before, but I do show up, almost every single day for my hour. Monday through Saturday. I’m addicted. I’m fortunate like you to be self employed and I can usually adjust my schedule to make sure I get there. I know this is too long. In short, make up your mind to get fit, then show up every single day and do what you’re capable of doing. Sweat. Breathe hard. Don’t worry about the people in better shape than you doing more. If you show up and work, you will get imperceptively better every day. Soon you will look forward to it. I could go on and on. Sorry, you already wrote the words. Thanks.

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