July 18th CSR Investing Summit | Summer in the City to Plant a Stake in Impact Investing

This year’s 6th CSR Investing Summit | Summer in the City (July 18th, NYC) arrives in the wake of fractured economic and social debates on guns, immigration, healthcare, and world trade. As investors consume these hotbeds of conflict, the coalescence of corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investing, ESG (environmental, social, and governance), and impact investing unifies that faction of the investing world that wishes to see, at least part of their investment, connected to a favorable, long-term outcome for the world AND their investment.

In this vane, this year’s CSR Investing Summit has a more thematic nature. We are perhaps, acknowledging that the conversation of justifying that companies who are aware of their impacts on the environment, their non-shareholder stakeholders, and their internal governance are simply better managed and less risky investments.. Now the issue of “what impact” is what investors and companies are looking at more closely.

Sustainable Developement Goals

Take the UN’s Sustainable Developement Goals (SDGs) as an example. Established to promote economic prosperity, social inclusion and protection of the environment worldwide, it is being framed with a view on corporate behavior, both directly or indirectly. Hence, businesses and investors are cognizant of these otherwise lofty institutionalized goals as potential endgames for their objectives. One of our panels will discuss the SDGs in the context of investing and corporate reporting.

Featured Speaker

Our featured speaker, Tim Mohin, CEO of the Global Reporting Initiative, will explore the various ways top corporations and sustainability leaders are adapting their sustainability reporting to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. His talk is titled “How the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are linking to corporate reporting, investor values, and ESG.”

Climate Change

Climate change remains a significant global issue and we take a look at it from the perspective of resource scarcity. Our panel looks at non-fossil fuel natural resources, such as water, which one day may will result in a stranded asset for some companies. Our panel experts will show how new models using big data and advanced algorithms create sophisticated approaches to estimate the potential economic impact from these emerging risks.

Latin America

While popular media focuses in on China, in our hemisphere, Latin America stands to be a leader in growth of corporate citizenship. ESG offers a new view on this emerging markets asset class for investors. Impact investors can take heart in knowing that there are lower thresholds for investment dollars to make a noticeable impact on environmental and social issues. Our panel experts will discuss the connection between corporate profits and supply chains as well as the latest ranking paradigm through two case studies.

Thomson Reuters/ESG Best Practices Ratings Award/MADIDI

This year’s afternoon lunch will feature the annual presentation of the Top Company for the Thomson Reuters/ESG Best Practices Ratings Award. This will be followed by an entertaining and compelling exclusive preview screening of MADIDI, a forthcoming film that exposes the illegal and debilitating jaguar trade in South America and how it is tied to Chinese political economic development.

Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equal Opportunity

Social issues often stand at the heart of the impact investor’s interests and we are looking at Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equal Opportunity in a big way, planting a stake in the benefits of and the valuation of these approaches in corporate strategy.

Reframing Retail Investing

Disruptive technology is reframing retail investing as are personal values to investing groups like millennial investors. Our panel will tell how your choice of investment professional can help you find good ways to invest impactfully.

ESG Data Quality

The availability and application of ESG Data to investment decisions has been a game changer in the last 5 years of socially responsible investing.ESG data quality should be improving as the availability and consistency of it and ESG reporting grows. But is this really the case? Our panelists consider.

November 8, 2016 Report

We close the day on a similar track to which we began — a look at the role that government actors and politics are playing in the area. We begin with a look at April’s Department of Labor guidance on ESG factor consideration in ERISA plans and we end with a November 8, 2016 Report. To some that date is enough to increase their heart rate but our expert moderator and speakers will focus on modulating the discussion to dissect what has changed in socially responsible and impact investing since the 2016 presidential election?

This year’s conference will make 4 CFP CE Credits available to CFP professionals who attend and request them. The 6th CSR Investing Summit | Summer in the City takes place on July 18th at 3 Times Square in New York in the 30th floor Thomson Reuter Conference Center.

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