The Distribution of IOTA Tokens
Ingo Fiedler

Hi Ingo. Thank you for the analysis. I am new to crypto currencies and see the huge potential in the technology. At a billion dollar plus market cap without any real application I feel like IOTA, despite being the most attractive technologies I’ve discovered, has a feeling of being already driven by much speculation. Of course that this the nature of this beast.

Doesn’t the free transaction nature of IOTA enable the distribution of wealth to be manipulated pretty easily with some simple automation? Transaction fees prevent the same in other currencies to some extent I imagine, but with IOTA it would be trivial to have large holders manipulate their holdings to give the appearance of much broader distribution.

Any distribution analysis of IOTA would seem to me to be futile as time passes. I imagine the early ledger could be analyzed for some insight but would quickly become blurry.


P.S. Do you know where I can read more about how the ICO(?) for IOTA was executed? How were the 2,800,000 Gi initially distributed? What does claimed by owners mean above?

What was initially paid in hard currency for the ICO for what number of IOTA?

Also, at a current MC of 1 billion USD+, 5% for developers isn’t trivial. Not that anyone could likely sell 50M USD of IOTA today.

Thanks again.

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