I Know I Can Do It

Greg Horn
Greg Horn
Dec 11, 2019 · 2 min read

Sometimes we don’t know until we try.

While preparing for the last Catch A Wave Business Competition,

We hit a snag.

In the first event a year prior, we had Ron Wiley, our illustrious local Radio Host, emcee the event,

And he did a fantastic job.

That’s what he does best…

Entertains people,

And keeps them engaged on a topic.

But Ron told us he was already committed to hosting another event that night,

So he wouldn’t be able to do it.

I started scrambling…

Is there another radio host that would do it?

Think outside the box, Greg, who else could do it?

Then, a few of my teammates on the planning committee suggested that I do it.

At first, I scoffed.

‘I’ve never been an emcee, I have no idea how to do it.’

‘Plus,’ I thought, ‘I’m not funny… Doesn’t an emcee need to be funny?’

As I continued looking for someone else who could do it,

The idea of doing myself took root…

I had all sorts of doubts and concerns:

What if no one comes?

What if I make a Steve Harvey-like blunder?

Finally, I remembered that I wrote the script for Ron the year prior,

And this competition and the local entrepreneurs it serves are my passion,

So I decided to do it.

Somehow I managed to hide my armpit sweat stains by keeping my arms low,

And hid my shaking knees behind the podium,

But I did it!

And the competition was another amazing success,

With over 200 people in attendance from the community, which is a lot for our tiny little island community.

I even had folks coming up to me after, people I didn’t know, congratulating me on the job I did hosting,

Which I was not expecting.

Now I know I can emcee an event.

I’d still be nervous about it,

But I Know I Can Do It.

I didn’t know that before I put myself out there.

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