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This is a follow up from my first article here, about Twitter Branding Strategy and Increasing One’s Followers, which was inspired by Jeff Haden’s valuable article here.

My first month on using Twitter regularly and actively was July. So, we will start with the Twitter Stats from a month before, for a comparison.

-Twitter Analytics-

“June 2017 Summary”*

*-How do I find my monthly summaries?

-Under “Edit Profile”, is a Graphic with Bars showing “Your Tweet Activity”. Click. “View your Top Tweets”, underneath the time table, to use Twitters Analytics

-I was inactive this month

A. Tweets: 0

  • I am embarrassed too

B. Tweet Impressions: 151

  • What are Twitter Impressions?
  • Click here!(No worries, I didn’t know either)

C. Profile Visits: 10

D. New followers -1!!!

My Summary=Not Great!!

  • When looking at my past active months, my greatest number of impressions, profile views, clicks and so forth, came from when I had more tweets (as one would expect).
  • However, the number of followers I gained initially, was Very Minimal.
My very first lessons on Blogging to Build Ones Brand, is here.

Skip to the bottom of the article, if you just want to see the Monthly Stats. Immediately below though, is my philosophy behind this journey.

The Philosophy

“We use the word continuous to describe our forward momentum”

Robert Herjavec:

-His current company grosses $150 million/ €127 million, per year. His next goal, is $250,000/€212,000,000 per year.

-Twitter Handle: @robertherjavec

I include Mr. Herjavec’s quote, because I think it relates to social media strategy, as well a great mindset for our own professional growth. I believe it is important to continue our activity on social media (creating content with Blog and LinkedIn Posts, Sharing others content, Tweeting) and so forth.

Why? In my last 2 months, I have found past effort builds foundations and growth for our future. Which reminds me of Warren Buffet’s quotation:

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself”

-With that being said, when it comes to social media,

investing in others (Re-tweets, Sharing others Content and so forth)

is investing in yourself, as those actions pay dividends too.

JULY 2017 Summary

This is where my stats start to improve.


I wrote this articleThe Prime Minister’s Trainer: Mark Bowden..with Mark Bowden (@TruthPlane) and used #bodylanguage and #trump hashtags in the Tweets. His LinkedIn, Facebook Page and Twitter network was able to view these.

PS-He dis this for our Our Second Article, analyzing President Trump’s Communication, Here: “A Brilliant Communicator. Thank you Mark!

A. Tweets: 12

B. Tweet Impressions: 2,565

C. Profile Visits 66 →Over 6x as many as last month

D. New Followers 18→Not Negative!

E. Mentions*: 2→ First time for me

F. New followers: 18Yay!

* “A mention is a Tweet that contains another person’s @username anywhere in the body of the Tweet”

-Source-Twitter Articles

August 2017 Summary

A. Tweets: 22→2x from last month

B. Tweet impressions: 4,291→About 1700 more than last month

C. Profile visits: 326 →Almost 5x as many

-I read in an article recently to put one’s LinkedIn and Medium Blog, on one’s Twitter Profile as well.

D. Mentions: 6→3x More than last month

E. New followers: 16→The pace seems to decrease this and next month

SEP 2017 Summary

A. Tweets: 50

B. Tweet impressions: 8,288 →2x the tweets and almost double the impressions.

-There was also more rapid growth from last month

C. Profile visits: 392→Slowed growth

D. Mentions: 9

E. New followers: 10

However, October is where numbers really start to

Take Off…

in regards to the increase in followers and Tweet Impressions (in comparison to the other months at least!) Especially when I take into account, the month isn't over..and all but one of the metric’s were surpassed.

-I think its important to note, I only have 139 followers. For those reading, this article intended as a Learning Tool and a Journal to Document my Growth and Improvement. I hope it can benefit you too, especially if you are new like I am.

→October 2017 Summary

Tweets: 79 (57 for as of yesterday around the same time)

Tweet impressions: 21.5 K (Yesterday at the same time, it was 14.5K)

Profile visits: 339 (This is still less than last month..Yesterday it was at 209)

Prediction: It looks like I will break last months record

Mentions: 4

New followers: 51 (almost as many as the last 3 months combined

  • It was 41 yesterday at the same time
  • However, that is a Record for me, 11 new followers in one day

-Twitter Analytics informed me: I have 2 new followers per day for October

Twitter provides the changes in %’s to help you measure the:

→28 day Summary

to show you the ‘Change Over Previous Period’

Tweets: +146.9%
Tweet Impressions: +367%
Profile Visits: +8%
Mentions: +16.7%
Followers: +56

For Part 2 of this article I cover:

  • Twitter Lessons from a Multi Millionaires Business Philosophy
  • Next Month Predictions for @GregGlobal14
  • Basic Twitter Terminology definitions (that May increase your Engagement-Followers)

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