Political and Strategic Communications Consulting for You -Part I

Author: Greg Voegtle

Geopolitical Consultant (NATO) |Political Consultant |Freelance Writer|Speaker

  • Originally Published on January 4, 2017

-Your Objective is My Objective

-Your Goals are My Goals

-Your Reputation becomes My Reputation

Our Belief: Mutual Interests = Mutual Benefits

How Can I Help You?

Are you in the ‘Headlights’ of: the media, news reporters, corporate competitors, or constituents?

-Your Interests: Do you have a policy you support, a controversial perspective to explain, or just a story to tell?

-Is Your Target Audience: Potential Constituents, Military Officials, or Political Dignitaries?

If so,

Maybe Just Maybe, I Can Help..

Who am I?

Hello, I am Greg Voegtle and I am a: US Political Consultant and Geopolitical Consultant (most recently for NATO).

Doing What?:

Speaking in Poland (NATO)


I helped develop the Scenario for publicized NATO Exercise’s.

In Georgia I briefed: NATO Allied Military Forces and NATO Partnership for Peace Nations and Members, on the geopolitical implications of the Joint Exercise.

In the US

In 2014, I was a political consultant for candidates running for the 2014 Elections in the US.

I helped coach and advise (a first time and more seasoned candidates)

  • How to navigate and counter, reporters questions (for in in person and online interviews)

From my work with politicians and political candidates, I can also help you if you are a reporter.

Do you, for example:

  • Want to ensure you are called on during press conferences?
  • Do you want to be liked and preferred by the political figure in office?

There are ways to craft your questions, so those you are asking questions to now and in the future, will be more receptive to you, even if you ask, tough questions.

Where Have I Worked?:

-The Republic Of Georgia

-Joint Training and Evaluation Center-Krtsanisi, Georgia

-UK Parliament, London

Starting as an Intern-In 2011, I had the honor of working with a Member of Parliament and her staff at her parliamentary and local office.

I have worked at: Constituent offices (in the U.S. and U.K.), embassies (at the U.S. Embassy in London) and strategic and tactical level military bases (in Belgium, Poland and The Republic of Georgia).

Wait, How Does this Help You?

I can offer you both a geopolitical perspective and political communication insight with audiences ranging from; local, national and supranational level’s (ie-The U.N. and N.A.T.O.).

For Example:

A) Do you need to cross an “industry border” or expand your sphere of influence?

  • Speaking to NATO Military and Civilian Staff, in Poland

B) Maybe you’re a lobbyist, who needs to connect your message to those in the military, who may not naturally connect with you

C) Do you need to engage a specific politician?

-Maybe you want to effectively engage and craft questions to create mutual interests with a Member of Parliament at a fundraiser.

Your Questions Answered: Should your approach be based off their campaign speeches, past or current policies and legislation, committees they work on?

-US 2014 Elections

I love my work because I love helping people

My career is my passion. Let my passion work to your favor.

-When Contacting Me Here

Take advantage of the first email you send to me:

Let me know:

1.What You Want:

-Coaching, Advising or Consulting for

-Are you preparing for a: specific speech, public speaking in general, fielding audiences questions?

-Are you “Crossing an Industry Border”?

2.Your Professional Background (Send me your LinkedIn Profile/Company Website)

3.Two-Three times and dates, that you would like to set up our Skype or Phone Conversation.

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