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Greg Isenberg
Jun 7, 2016 · 1 min read

When I left StumbleUpon in 2015 after selling my company, I swore I’d take a couple years off. That all changed when I met 23 year old Steph at a fundraiser in LA.

Steph had been recently diagnosed with lung cancer. She found support in a email list she started, “young people with lung cancer”. 50 people traded stories, photos and inspirational quotes. With community comes support, with support comes hope and hope is ammo for the fight against cancer. That little group literally saved lives.

It got me thinking — finding your people unlocks human potential. Life is defined by the people you spend time with. When like-minded people come together, extraordinary things happen.

The internet was supposed to be this place where anyone could be heard and anyone could instantly connect with people you wanted to know, not just the people you went to high school with. Somehow we lost our way.

From people with cancer to college frats to people who love english bulldogs to your high school alumni, Islands is your new home. It’s like a party where the music, food and people are just right. It’s about forging new relationships, laughing, crying and learning about yourself.

If this strikes a chord with you, join the Islands waitlist. Head here and sign up.

See you on the Islands,

Greg and the team

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