Racing Carolina, a MLS4CLT concept by Brandon Robinson
Johnny Wakefield

Love the name, hate the colors. Takes out all the life of what could be there.

The concept in the crest to connect North and South Carolina should be extended to the colors- Carolina Blue and Gamecock Red (burgundy). Personally without connecting SC, I’d use State Red, but its cool with either shade and I’d add a metallic gold as an accent.
I think using Carolina Blue as the primary connects it even more to utilizing the Jordan sponsorship. 
Secondly, the kits. Not sure if its on purpose or coincidental, but there should be more stripes to avoid the connection with adidas. One stripe five stripes, seven stripes, whatever to avoid the three stripes. 
Now I think with using the Racing name, especially in a city so connected to NASCAR, checkers should be used more in the kit. The idea I have in mind is a “Carolina Croatia”. Using the colors mentioned before with Croatia’s checkered look as a template and you ultimately get what could work. Taking from their 2016 kits, I’d use the away kit in Carolina Blue and that would be the primary Racing kit, and the Croatia home in Burgundy as the secondary.

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