9 months ago I transitioned from my Product Designer background into a ‘Head of Product’ role. I took the role because I believe that through some process changes we can get better outcomes for our customers and the business.

3 months ago I started seeing an executive coach, to help me become a better leader for my team of product managers and designers. I use the term ‘executive coach’ loosely because, in reality, these meetings are more like a therapy session.

One of the things we discussed today was my frustration that the company I work for wasn’t where I…

I got some feedback on this article on what to do with your JTBD research. I was told that I jumped into the deep end of JTBD and some people may not understand the reasoning for some of my recommendations. Instead of cramming it all into one article I’ve summarized my top 8 tips for JTBD Interviews that may help answer addition questions.

1. Is JTBD even the right approach?

As great as JTBD is, it’s not the holy grail of customer research. It’s just one of the many tools available in the Design Thinking framework. If you’re trying to innovate a new product or feature then…

There are lots of resources out there about what Jobs to be done is.
There are also great resources for how to do JTBD interviews

However, once you've conducted your JTBD research, what happens next?

How do you identify the patterns in your research? How do you present it so others can understand the job? How do you then use those insights to innovate your product to solve the job better?

About a year ago I was asking these questions. I’d read Competing against luck and a dozen more articles. I’d completed Bob Moesta & Chris Spiek’s JTBD Interview course…

This is a culled list of books I’ve read and learnt alot from. They have all helped me grow as a Digital Product Designer.

I’d love to hear your recommendations if you feel something else should be on this list that isnt.

Behavioural Psychology

Thinking Fast & Slow

While this book is a little dry it highlights that we are not the logical beings we all like to think we are. Humans make fast emotional and sometime irrational decisions based on various cognitive biases that the book highlights. Once you can recognize those biases, you can design for them.

Greg Le Sueur

Digital Product Designer - JTBD enthusiast https://www.jobstobedone.pro/

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