7 Destinations for Your Next Adventure

Greg Limeberry

Greg Limeberry
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For most of us, vacation is a time to get away from it all and relax. Others among us like to take things further, looking to the great outdoors for a little adventure. Then finally, there are those who like to take the adventure of our vacations and turn it up to eleven. In a recent article, Yahoo Travel gave its list of recommended destinations for the third group, and they are not for the faint of heart.

Adventure Travel Ideas

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1. Jetpack America — Based in Newport Beach, California, Jetpack America allows travelers to strap into a 200-horsepower, water-fueled jetpack that can reach 25 feet in the air and allow speeds of up to 30mph. For $259 and under the watchful eye of a nearby instructor, vacationers can soar and dive-bomb all over Newport Bay for 25 minutes.

2. Dream Racing — Horsepower is a theme on this list. Dream Racing is a Las Vegas attraction that allows adrenaline junkie travellers get behind the wheel. Starting around $189 for a five-lap session, drivers can get strapped into a six-point seatbelt and helmet and put the pedal to the metal in specialty racing cars such as the Ferrari F430GT.

3. Dig This — Travellers with fond memories of playing with toy dump trucks and cranes as a child will love the adult version. This Las Vegas destination has turned a construction site into a playground, and for starting at $249 travels can use industrial machinery to make large holes, smash objects, or toss objects that weigh a metric ton like they were a toy.

4. Sky Combat Ace — Vegas does it again. For $599 dollars, the traveller can get the “Top Gun Experience” strapped into an acrobatic stunt plane (along with an instructor with dual controls) and perform loop-de-loops, barrel rolls and simulated dive bomb. The instructor does most of the flying but the guest controls the intensity which can bring 8Gs of pressure and quite a rush.

5. Desert Wolf Tour — This Scottsdale, Arizona destination will take you into the desert in a military style vehicle and let you hose down targets with bullets from your Glock, AR-15 assault rifle or whatever other boomstick they have on hand. You can squeeze off a long distance rifle shot at an explosive charge and then watch the fireworks. All for $199.

6. Xtreme Hummer Adventures — For only $55, a professional driver will take you on an extreme drive through the sand dunes of Pismo Beach, California. Taking it to extreme speeds and making wild jumps off of hill peaks, a traveler gets a lot of adrenaline for a small price tag.

7. Drive A Tank — The name says it all. For $399, this Kasota, Minnesota will allow travellers to pilot an actual WW2-era British tank with only a periscope to guide you. For an additional $599, travellers can use the tank to crush a car.

To read more check out the original article Yahoo Travel.



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