Still Undecided? Greg Lindberg Has Some Advice

Choosing a college major may seem incredibly daunting to some. While some know at the age of 5 that they want to go into medicine or law, others don’t find it to be quite so easy. You are literally charting a course that will affect the rest of your life. Or so it may seem. Greg Lindberg says the truth is that many people go into completely different fields than what they majored in. For example, every philosophy major doesn’t become a philosopher. In fact, many go into law surprisingly enough.

However, choosing a major as soon as you can is important as it can help you save time and money. The last thing you would want is to choose one major and decide two years in that you actually wanted to major in something else. As you probably know already, college tuition isn’t exactly cheap. Plus, having a major in place can help you decide which internships you want to apply for and what you might want to consider doing after you graduate.

Greg Lindberg understands that you might feel pressure, which is why he says you should consider the following when deciding on a major:

Use Your College’s Resources: If you look at your bill, you might notice a bunch of fees that go into various student resources. Your college probably has a career center and other programs you can use to help you choose a major. Your advisor is someone you should certainly consult with as well in order to point you in the right direction and ensure you graduate on time.

Take a Few Entry Level Courses: Are you unsure of which direction you want to consider? Why not try enrolling in a few different classes in various fields to see if you enjoy any of them. Greg Lindberg says you might find that you have a completely different opinion of a field after actually digging into the material.

Consider Your Situation: If you are undecided it might be a good idea to do a little soul searching. Consider what you are passionate about and what kind of life you want to lead after graduation. Some majors may lead to additional schooling? Is that something you would want to do? Keep all of these things in mind to help you decide on the best major for you.