Alchemical echoes of the Phanes relief
Marco Ponzi

The Turba, Rosarium, and Pretoisa were actually the first 3 texts listed under “Early alchemical texts” before I more recently added the Donum Dei as well. I misspoke about Aurora Consurgens.. Although I have an english translation and a couple of different versions of the images, I haven’t posted that one yet. These are different groupings of the texts.. english-texts.html would probably be of interest as well:

I’m very much interested in the imagery. Before I was ever searching out english translations, I was looking for best examples of different image sequences. I’m about to lose my collections on Google+ when it closes. I haven’t really found a new place to host those image albums yet. Facebook downsizes everything.

Coincidentally, I’ve also had a thing with the decans (Agrippa, Corpus Hermeticum being main sources).. volvelles (Peter Apian’s Astronomicum caearuem, Leonhard Thurneisser’s Achidoxa and others).. And of course, the sphere/wheel of pythagoras. I think I’m 4 for 4 on your latest posts. (I have a collection of “photo albums” in an FB group if you are interested.)

I collected quite a few manuscripts from different digitization projects being put online, but some of your links are new to me (but I’ve concentrated on sources that allow downloads). I’ve lost quite a bit of time on Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana today.

A couple of the images in Laurenziana Plut.89 Sup.35 are from “Buch der Heligen Dreifaltigkeit”, another very early alchemical text. The images from the Dreifaltigkeit manuscripts comprise about half the images used in Reusner’s “Pandora” published around 1582..