Before you start work… PLAY!

Family time (yeah, they all sound different, no, I don’t play them at the same time ;)

Every day, just before starting the hard work, I try to spend 10 to 15 minutes in a leisure activity.

I play bass guitar, a little electric, but would also love spending some time every day with my Pad on several games, despite not being a hardcore player.
It might seems weird to start a hard working day this way. I mean, wouldn’t it be more logical to keep the reward of playing at the end of a working day? Honestly not.

Starting my days this way a long time ago with a few piano notes, I noticed that not only it would keep the stress away (and make me leave to work with a huge smile on my face), but would also awaken my brain in a quick and efficient way.

For the gamers, I recommend 2 to 3 minutes gameplays. No need to go for a 3 days campaign of Warcraft. Keep that for your week-ends with the kids. A game like Clash Royale fits perfectly, with 2 minutes rounds, a very nice UX design and the-not-so-strong-addiction-to-play-again-the-sooner-the-better. 
For the musicians, just practice something you love. Let the notes and tunes come. There’s always a good reason to postpone playing music and by the end of the day, did we take that time for ourselves?

So next time you want to feel happier before your working day, just play.
 Your brain will love it. And it will be ready for all the hard tasks before you even notice it.

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