The next-generation intersection helps all modes share the street
Willa Ng

A few observations on this article.

In the context of this article it is a shame to have reverted to using the word ‘traffic’ to mean cars and motor vehicles.

Intersection management works from worst to best in the following respective order. A ‘traffic’ cop, ‘traffic’ lights, other non-signalised interventions, completely naked intersections left entirely to human intelligence and innate civility of people. High tech ‘obedient automation's’ can surely be better than the current interventions, but will never supplant the magic and amazing efficiency of people working together given the chance to do so!

Intelligent cities are not searching for a better way to smooth the flow of cars, they are searching for ways to deter car usage. The best cities in the world have succeeded in being the best by actually frustrating the movements of people still choosing to use their cars in urban areas. Frustrating motorists is the most of all beautiful things! Even the motorists secretly love it.

Despite some good insights, this article still kind of seems to celebrate the car.