Supercharge your Web Development journey

  • Take some time to reevaluate your short, medium and long term goals. This will give you the chance to align your goals with your current mindset and overall current situation.
  • Introspection is crucial not only because your goals may have changed, but because ‘what you think you want is usually very different from what you actually want.’
  • Evaluate your top skills, do they align with your values? Either answer, will give you a clearer path on where your focus needs to go next. Frontend Developer path 2022
  • Find your motivation, remember your why.
  • Measure your progress, the successes and failures.
  • Be consistent. Aim for 1% improvement each day.
  • Learn from people better than you & don’t compare. Everyone is at a different stage in their journey.
  • Be proactive in the community. What’s new, what’s changing and what are people getting excited about?
  • Explore and have fun. Try things, fail and keep moving.
Tiny gains graph — James Clear




Full stack developer @ Websy

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Greg Munro

Greg Munro

Full stack developer @ Websy

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