How to love a fat person.
Your Fat Friend

I’m fat.

But fat is a tricky business. Yes, you can love a fat person. Their soul, their intelligence, etc.

But all things being equal, and they never are, it’s harder. You wrap your arms around their naked body and they have a fat suit on. You can’t feel their emotions like you can a normal weight person. You have to work harder to connect with them. Their fat is in the way, emotionally and physically.

And there are reasons why people are fat. Emotional reasons. Sexual abuse, etc.

Personally powerful people are generally not fat.

Fat is pretty objective. The BMI table gives a good range of normal weight. You have a bunch of choices in there. If you are overweight on the BMI table, you are fat (unless you are an athlete).

Fat is not an immutable characteristic.

But living happily in the moment is the key to life. So being fat is really not ok, but being unhappy about being fat isn’t ok either.

Cut out the sugar and get some exercise. There is no way to defend fat as equal to not fat.

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