Moving On / G Fischer

Moving the feelings

Sometimes boxes are the easiest things to pack

Being a military brat (and a veteran myself), moving has almost always been an afterthought. Normal. Pack the boxes and go. New town, new friends, new job, a new four walls.

My entire purpose as a real estate broker is to help people move from one place to the next. I’ve watched dozens of graduates, new couples and old families say goodbye (and hello) to apartments, houses and homes.

It recently hit me, hard, as I helped two dear friends prepare for their next journey.

Homes contain a collection of stories and memories so personal and so real that the magnitude of the physical spaces’ importance is only really felt when it’s finally time for us to move on.

Sure - homes provide us with shelter, warmth, and a place to lay our heads. They come with balconies and backyards in which we enjoy the company of our loved ones and friends. Bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are a given.

But what homes really provide for us is a place to experience and remember all of the raw things that come with living. The first time we lived on our own. A childs first steps. A game of catch. Movie nights. Breakups, makeups and epic family gatherings.

Packing these special events and all of the comforting memories can take a toll on the heart. We can’t possibly imagine how to fit it all inside of a moving truck. Not our couches or dishes that is, but the chapters of our lives that evolved as we sat on those couches and prepared meals on those dishes.

Somehow though, we manage to make it to the next destination. Dishes unload into cabinets and the couch goes in just the right spot. New experiences, new people, and new opportunities surround us when we finally make it to a new home.

Which is why sometimes boxes are the easiest things to pack.